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My Oily Tools!

The items below are things I use to create Face Serums, Body lotions and my own Essential Oil Roll-on’s! Enjoy!

Face Serum Bottles:

These 1 oz bottles are awesome for face serums, body lotions and make and take items! No leakage!

Roll-on Bottles

These are 10 ml Glass Roll-On bottles. The glass is tinted blue so there is no worry of plastic corrosion when mixed with your oils.

Grapeseed Oil

I use this to create my face serum and body lotions! There is no smell and it works excellent with skin!


This book by Jen O’sullivan is a must have for any essential oil lover. It contains facts and info regarding the oils and a ton of fun and easy recipes for you to try!

This cute little book is chalk full of fun and light hearted humor on how and why to use oils between the sheets!