Get Started With THM


First, what is THM?

Its a low-carb, sugar-free, low-glycemic eating plan that will rock your socks off!

You learn to separate your carbs which are your E meals (E is for energizing) and your fats which are your S meals (S is for satisfying). In feeding your body one fuel at a time you are helping your blood sugar levels stay balanced. This is vital for weight loss. When your blood sugar levels SPIKE your body releases insulin which is a fat storing hormone. The creators of this amazing plan are Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett (sisters) who have found a way to stay slim and healthy while keeping up with their large boisterous families!

My Personal Success.

I have been on this amazing plan for almost three years now and when I started (it took a little convincing) I never looked back. I’ve done Weight Watchers, the 11 Day Diet and counted calories but nothing has been as freeing or beneficial as eating the THM way. To see pictures of when I started and where I am at currently read my personal success story here.

Do to my personal success, and that of my friends and family, I want to share it with the world! Seriously! I love the way I feel, the way I look and the energy I have and I believe once you get over the hump of starting THM, you will too.

What do you need to get started?

All you need to start is the Trim Healthy Mama book. It explains the plan and the reason behind why THM works so well and a TON of recipes to help you start and keep you on track. LOVE this book and the humor/light hearted way the girls explain the plan.

Where do you purchase this book mystical book? Click here to be taken directly to the THM store via my affiliate link.

If you are interested at all in beginning this plan please check out this blog post I wrote up for beginners, THM the easy way! It covers lots of questions you will inevitably have about this plan and get you started right!

What are the special ingredients needed?

If you have heard of THM you probably know there is a list of “special ingredients.” Not to worry sweet friends! Most of these ingredients can be found in your local grocery store. If you read this little handy dandy guide I wrote: Trim Healthy Mama for Beginners (Pictures and Links Included), it will help you find these mystical items and let you know which ones you will need to begin!

When you get real serious about this plan most of the special ingredients are now sold on the Trim Healthy Mama website. Talk about pure and healthy, these sisters have made sure the quality of their store is like none other. To visit their store simply click here using my affiliate link.

How Do You Get Started?

After you have purchased the book and dug through the pages a bit you simply pick a recipe and begin!

If you are waiting for the book head over to Pinterest and search THM S meals or THM E meals. There are a ton!

My suggestion would be to start with dinner. My second suggestion is to always makes sure you have leftovers from dinner so you have lunch covered for the next day. Its that easy!

Start today, right now! Pick a recipe on Pinterest if you don’t have to book and dig into this beautiful way of eating!

Slow and steady dear friends 🙂


Lesly Birkland

************************* March 2017 Update **************************

I wanted to let you know I will be withdrawing from Trim Healthy Mama. AHH!!! I know… I love this plan, live this plan and will continue following this plan but, I wont be writing or teaching on it anymore. They have a ton of new programs and products coming out that I have not had the time to use or explore so I feel I cant sufficiently answer all of your questions.

Things be changin!

My world is revolving around sharing my love of essential oils. It is allowing me to make an income from home and that has been something I’ve been working toward for years!!! Having that finally come to fruition is MAJOR! Ladies, I make an income from home while I raise our two boys and share about something I love.

I feel very blessed. It has always been a dream of mine to build something meaningful and to earn an income in the process. I am finally getting to that point and it is taking a lot of my time and energy to do so to. Read more about my dream biz HERE.

Fear not!

I am not taking away ANY of my THM resources! Also, I will still talk and share about THM on social media because it is still a very big part of my life. It’s how I stay trim and fit. It’s how I feed my family and its how I live an abundantly healthy life! To tell you the truth, it lead me to essential oils.

It’s all part of living a chemical free life. It’s part of living and using things as close to ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ as God created them to be. Untainted and distorted by human hands. A life free of GMO’s, synthetics and chemicals.

It can be done!

It’s been a passion of mine to live chemical free and I have been slowly (key word here, slowly) steering my life in that direction. Eating clean food and using essential oils for wellness is playing a huge part in the wellness of my family and I feel completely blessed to share it with others who have this interest and passion as well.

If you want to search through my FREE Trim Healthy Mama resources click here!

If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils click here.


Lesly Birkland