I’ve actually gained weight following Trim Healthy Mama.

I’ve actually gained weight following Trim Healthy Mama.

I have, for years now, been a huge advocate for Trim Healthy Mama. I have been on plan for three and a half years and I can tell you, I’ve had my ups and downs with it.

Ups and downs

I have been down to (I am actually going to share my weight 🙁 be gentle with me…) 140. Looking back now I looked a little thin even to myself. Still I looked awesome in my full length dresses and had no tummy to show! It was a huge accomplishment. My goal was actually 135 but as I said before, 140 was a little thin.

Gaining weight even on plan

Yes I have gained about 10 pounds so I am at 150 currently. My tummy has popped a bit – not bad – and my chest (I have a large chest, thanks mom, grandma and great grandma for passing that down) has also grown a cup size. 10 pounds is kind of a lot when it come to a small frame. So the question I’m sure you’re asking is why did you gain 10 pounds! What did you do wrong! Will this happen to me?!

Why I gained on THM

Life the past two years has been particularly stress filled. To the point many things are out of my hands and I am praying steadily that they fall into place. We all go through seasons like this in life. None of us are exempt from seasons that take us by surprise and prove difficult and challenging. Mentally, physically and emotionally, they are rough.

If you are on THM you know it talks a little planning a head to stay on plan. You know you still have to fight through afternoons when your tummy is hungry and it take mental strength to say “NO! I will not eat that cookie!” Am I right?

Well my mental state is tapped. The ‘you can do it’ is there, but the energy to back it up isn’t. Still I stay on plan, I have had a few cheats here and there. I never cheated when I was at 140 – like ever.

It was simple for me back then. Saying no to the sugar filled cookies was actually pretty easy. Staying on plan had its difficult days but they were completely doable.

Season of stress

In this season of stress I may have gained 10 pounds but if I were to compare it to past seasons when I wasn’t on THM, it was so much worse!

I would starve myself, be even more cranky, dig into cookies at the end of the day because I was so hungry and I felt deprived. I was like “I’ve had a crappy day, I deserve these five cookies because I want to at least enjoy something about this day!” Ever been there?

Days without THM where so much harder mentally and physically! I wasn’t getting proper nutrition and I felt as miserable as I’m sure I looked.

Still, I feel so blessed to have only gained 10 pounds through this period in my life. I am maintaining pretty steadily, I go up and down but I don’t starve myself. I feel full and I am continuing to eat healthy and nutrient rich foods. I need mind clarity and food has everything to do with our mental state of health!

I am digging into THM desserts more often than I should. I mean… I make a batch of THM cookies and by the end of the day I’ve eaten all but 3. Which I save for the next day or I’ll be mad at myself for not sharing with the tomorrow me 😉

My self control is a little wacked but in keeping to THM I am not completely falling off the wagon.

Getting back on track

I know that when life settles down, if I continue to stay on plan, it will be so much easier to get back on track. SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Yes I am allowing myself some extra treats and deep S meals but you know what… so what! I am not physically where I want to be right now but the cool thing with THM is the scale may say 150 but I’ve seen myself at 150 when not on THM and my body looked so much different. THM has a way of pulling our bodies together and re shaping us. I believe its all the protein that our muscles use and need to stay strong and healthy. Protein is HUGE on this diet. Every meal is build around it.

I feel so very blessed by this eating plan and still advocate for it like crazy! It has done so much for me and many, many others.

I am not failing the plan

I am adjusting to make it work for me and where I am in life right now. I love that I am able to do that! So I eat to like 7 THM cookies in one day… at least it’s not 7 sugar filled cookies. I view that a success.

It’s your journey

No one gets to tell you how to do you. Not everyone will understand the stress and strain of what you walk through. However, don’t get lost in not taking care of yourself through those seasons in life. You may not be able to give THM all you have but don’t throw it aside and completely give up. Make it work for you. Stay as healthy as you can and let the rest go <3 You’ve got this! Stay the course because better seasons are on their way and you want to be ready when they come back around.

If you are interested in learning more about THM follow my link HERE!


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