Why you shouldn’t purchase essential oils from Amazon

Why you shouldn’t purchase essential oils from Amazon

I’ve had friends purchase oils off Amazon rather than through my Young Living business – even after coming to me for advice. What I have found is they think its easier to purchase off Amazon but what they don’t know is how simple and beneficial it actually is to purchase direct through me to Young Living!

First and foremost, I personally have an Amazon Prime account and LOVE it! This has nothing to do with the Amazon, only the companies who willingly sell Essential Oils, even though most oil companies prohibit it. Yes, distributors can actually lose their accounts and the license to sell if caught doing so. There is another concern that follows…

Oils have been sold from third party sellers that look like the right product but are in fact diluted versions. Individuals will open sealed bottles and dilute them with synthetics like carrier oils, synthetics or even toxins, reselling the tainted oils to increase their volume and make more money. It’s down right scary!

Purchasing from Young Living

If you make that first initial investment in Young Living Essential Oils with our Premium Starter Kit you get all oils at a 24% discount – for life!

In addition, if the oils are something you are continually purchasing Young Living has put a rewards program in place called Essential Rewards or ER. They reward their loyal members with points back on the purchase of essential oils with discounted shipping rates. It’s an amazing program that has no penalties and its hassle free.

Amazon will not give you points back for your orders nore will they give you that amazing 24% discount like Young Living will. With each order placed on our ER program you can watch your points accumulate. The points are available after the second month of being on ER and you can change your order monthly. Additionally, change your shipping date (within that month) anytime you’d like. Learn more about the benefits of Essential Rewards HERE.

Purchase essential oils from amazon = money down the drain!

I’ll be completely honest… It stings when a friend comes to me seeking advice and then turns to a third party seller either because they think it is cheaper or simpler to order from Amazon. In truth, I’m trying to build a business and support my family. This isn’t a hobby, its my job and I take it very seriously. I’ve educated myself on the oils and this company so I am able to assist others. My time is precious and if you are willing to make the investment, I will devote my time to helping YOU!

People who purchase from me are also added to my Facebook group ‘Drops of Joy’ for continued support and education.

It’s so important to me that you know how to use the oils and you have access to reference material and Facebook pages to further educate yourself on their uses and the wellness they contain.

How oils SHOULD be distributed

The company that can be trusted owns their own farms, distills and bottles their own oils – as Young Living does. They bottle and sealed on location before they are shipped so purity can be assured. They are tested not only in our labs but in third party labs so quality is guaranteed. Check out www.SeadtoSeal.com for more assurance. There is no secrets in this company and you are always welcome to tour their many farms around the world.

Young Living’s standards and quality astound me! There is nothing in the oils but pure therapeutic grade A essential oils. This is a company you can trust and the distributors, like myself, work hard to spread the word and educate on the wellness and uses of them.

It’s worth the investment.

The PSK is worth every single penny! Just click HERE and see what amazingness it comes with! A FREE diffuser? Yes! Our favorite, most used and beloved oils? All 11 come in the kit! Samples and NingXia Red packets? SIGN ME UP! It’s a gift Young Living wrapped up and practically put a bow on.

A little more on ER

I strongly encourage Essential Rewards because, after reaping the benefits personally, I can not say enough about this program.

  • It keeps my home stocked with the oils I love and use daily – I’m not afraid of running out.
  • It keeps toxins out of my home because I reorder their chemical free cleaner, tooth paste, laundry soap, shampoo etc…
  • I have ordered free product with the points and nothing has felt better!

The longer you are on ER the more you get back in points. Click HERE to learn more.

Are you interested in investing in your personal wellness

If you are, invest into a company that will give back to you! Invest in me, who will be there to educate and answer questions! Look into our Premium Starter Kit and don’t be afraid to contact me via Facebook to ask me more 🙂


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