What is Essential Rewards – All the info and answers for 2017

What is Essential Rewards – All the info and answers for 2017

Essential Rewards is an option for those of you who have a wholesale account with Young Living. You are not required to sell or distribute anything to reap the benefits of an Essential Rewards membership. See how to join with a wholesale account here.

What is Essential Rewards?

Young Living truly honors their loyal customers! They want you to get the most out of their products so they have created a great loyalty program called Essential Rewards or ER. ER is their easy automatic shipment program that allows you to order exactly what you want, when you want, hassle-free while getting up to 25% back in points to spend on future products!

~ Simple Monthly Shipments ~

Your favorite products come every month direct to your door. You can change the order every month to use new products or continue with the ones you love.

There are two options for ER – 50 PV or 100 PV per month. (PV or Point Value usually equals $1) The perks to ordering 100 PV is getting a free oil per month!

~ Reduced Shipping ~

Shipping options start at $5.99!

~ Earn Free Products ~

Earn free points toward future purchases!

Months 1 – 3 get 10% back

Months 4 – 10 get 20% back

Months 25+ get 25% back

~ Free Bonus Oils ~

Earn free oils at 100 PV & 190 PV levels. Get even more free promos at 250 PV & 300 PV.

~ Loyalty Gifts ~

Earn gifts and get rewarded when you order for 3, 6 and 9 consecutive months. In addition you will get an exclusive ER blend at your 12th month.

~ Hassle Free ~

Change your order, change your shipping date, or cancel all together (no cancellation fees – EVER)! You can use your points once you’ve reached your second month on ER.

 ~ How to Start ~

Login to your wholesale membership accounts at www.YoungLiving.com under the virtual office. Select Essential Rewards in the left menu bar. Follow the prompts to sign up! Questions? Contact me HERE.

A personal note

I have found this program to be a blessing in my business and personal life! Without it my home would not be filled with chemical free cleaning supplies, non toxic shampoos & conditioners and as well as tooth past, vitamins and all the oils!

Being on the program makes me unafraid to use and run out of products knowing I will get more shipped to me next month.

It’s not just a program for me its for my entire family! We are surrounded with chemical free wellness and its all thanks to Young Livings ER program keeping me well stocked!

Essential Rewards and Your Paycheck

If you are wondering about commissions and bonuses, you do not have to have Essential Rewards. However, if you are spending the required PV every month to receive a check (it must be at least 50 PV), you might as well reap the benefits of an Essential Rewards order!

There is only one bonus that requires Essential Rewards, and that is the Rising Star Team Bonus. To get everything else, all you need is a 50 PV or 100 PV order. Honestly, if you are building a business the only way to do it efficiently  is to be on ER.


Lesly Birkland

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