How to get your oils FOR FREE

How to get your oils FOR FREE

Okay, you’ve seen the Premium Starter Kit, you’ve fallen in love with it and you want it BAD! Let me share with you three ways to get this kit FOR FREE!

Choice #1

You purchase the kit, host an essential oils class the same month make your purchase, sharing in the wellness with family and friends! If four jump on the oily train by purchasing a kit of their own… BAM! Kit paid for with a little to spare.

How to host the class?

I’d LOVE to teach it for you. Seriously! I am so passionate about these oils and believe everyone could benefit from having them in their homes.f I would be more than willing to come and help you all get started. Whether it be in your home or a public place such as a city hall, library or church.

What if you are no where near me…

Choice #2

I teach a class via Facebook live! You can invite everyone into your home and turn on the computer or we can just set up an even on Facebook and do a live class that way!

Choice #3

You teach it! That’s right 😉 I have free scripts that actually teach a lot on these oils. You simply have to read off the script, share why you started and why you love the oils and… BAM! You’re off and running!

Here’s another idea

Maybe you are interested in starting a home business but you just aren’t sure this is your cup of tea. This is the perfect way to test the waters. You do a class once, get your oils free and see if its a business that fits into your busy life!

How does it work

For each Premium Starter kit you sell, you get $50 dollars. Young Living literally pays you to share your love of oils.

If you sell a kit outside the month you’ve purchased your kit you have to make a 50 pv product order (pv stands for points per value or points per volume – they are generally equal one dollar) to earn a commissions for that month. That’s like ordering a bottle of thieves cleaner, some lavender and some chap stick or something.

How to get started

First you purchase your kit. After that I always reach out with an email and a text or phone call to touch base and see how you are liking your oils! If you’d feel more comfortable talking to me first contact me HERE.

Next we will set up a Facebook event, whether it be in your home or via Facebook live. I’d have you introduce me and I’d take care of the rest.

If you are interested in do this as a home business the process is the same. Purchase your kit and I’ll be in touch. I’ll have you fill out an application on my Work With Lesly page and we’ll get you off and running 🙂

Is it really that easy?

I only suggest doing this because it’s exactly what I did. I purchased my kit. My lovely friend came to my home helping me host my first class and I sold 4 kits that night making over $200.00. So yes, it really is that simple to begin.

It’s critical to get that first class booked in the first few weeks of purchasing your kit. It will keep your excitement elevated and your dreams alive! You will move forward quicker and learn faster.

This first kit order can be the start of something amazingly powerful for your financial abundance. I urge you to start today. There really is no better time than now!


Lesly Birkland

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