Implementing this night time routine with your kids – includes fun printables

Implementing this night time routine with your kids – includes fun printables

It was a few years ago that we started implementing prayer before bed with the kids. It’s a special time for us and it teaches our children how to show thanks and have open communication with our Father above.

Things I would pray, my son picked up on. For example I would say: Lord send your angles – Lord God we thank you – be with them… It was precious how he began using my words in his prayer. It shows how closely he is watching and how important it is that I set a good example of how to communicate.

The sweetest prayer

My heart melted when He asked for my grandma, his great grandma, a new heart. She has struggled for years with a weak heart that pumps out of ryethem. Recently she became very ill and he prays healing, protection over her, along with a brand new heart. It is beautiful to see his how much he cares.

He often asks me if I liked his prayer. My answer, “I loved your prayer!”

Sometimes I feel the need to get specific. “I loved how you prayed for healing, how you said thank you and remembered (insert whomever).”

Seeing a prayer need

There was one afternoon we were on our way home when we saw someones home in flames on the outskirts of our home town. I mentioned how sad it would be to lose a home and our oldest suggested we pray for them. That warmed my heart! He saw a need for prayer and knew God could help them in their pain and grief!

Little brothers

Our youngest, Eli, prayers for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE! We go through Aunts and Uncles, cousins, friends and even their parents too. Daddy, mommy, big brother Danny and even himself. It’s adorable and long but its a prayer and he knows that if he cares about them, he needs to pray over them. So we sit silently as he quotes his nightly prayer and tell him how sweet and wonderful it is. He beams!

Prayer Journals

I thought it would be fun to write our payers and hang them up on their walls as constant reminders of the importance of prayer! We then slipped them into plastic sleeves and hung them up.

What’s in the Journal

Because I think it is so important to start out with thanks, that is at the top of the list. Have them write down, themselves if they can, what they are most thankful for.

Next are people who need prayer. Family, friends, people who are struggling.

And last but not least have them write down what is on their hearts. It’s something us as parents can pray over in our own prayer time as well.

Its important to see and hear what our children are feeling. Its even more important to pray over them.

Settle them down

Because it can be hard to get the little’s down for bed some nights I love to use essential oils on and around them to promote a calming atmosphere.

If it’s bath night I’ll put Lavender essential oil in their night time bath. If they are sitting in the living room I’ll diffuse Lavendar and Cedarwood together and fill the room with a warm and peaceful aroma.

I love applying Copaiba directly to their feet and lower backs. It’s a main oil in the blend Stress Away and promotes feelings of security and calmness.

Some apply to a drop of Stress Away to the corner of their children’s pillow. It’s sweet dreams from there with its scent of Vanilla, Copaiba and Lime. Personally, it’s a favorite of mine – the stressed out mama 😉

Prayer Journals

Payer journals for little girls. >> My Prayer Journal – Girl

Prayer journals for little boys. >> My Prayer Journal – Boy

Essential Oils

If you are interested in essential oils I encourage you to look at our Premium Starter Kit. Copaiba, Stress Away and Lavender are contained in the kit along with eight other oils including a the beloved diffuser. It’s so wonderful at enhancing a relaxing evening for kids and parents alike! I would be lost without the emotional balance these oils promote for me and my family.

I have a lot more articles and info in the Essential Oils category to your right. Have a look and see why it’s so important to have them in your home.


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