Emotional support for you, the mama.

Emotional support for you, the mama.

What I was missing

I didn’t know what I was missing all those years ago. If I could go back in time and litter my shelves with these tiny, shiny little bottles of wellness, I would.

I wish so badly someone would have shared these oils with me earlier on. They could have supported me through some difficult times in my life.

Going back in time is impossible but can I share with you what I wish I would have known all those years ago? I’m about to stop you from making the same mistake… are you ready?

Let me share with you about the emotional support of… essential oils!

Emotional support for you, the mama.

First, what are they?

A question I found my self asking years ago, but not really knowing who to go to for answers.

Simply put, they are oils extracted from plants, trees, shrubs, herbs, rines and resins. And if you purchase from Young Living – my favorite essential oil company – you can rest assured that is all that’s in there. If you purchase from other companies you run the risk of buying oils that are diluted with chemicals or other toxins. Those oils wont help with your emotions. They could cause more problems. YL picks the best plants, the ones that have not been genetically modified in any way and are planted on land that has never been touched by chemicals . This is so important in the making of pure unadulterated, therapeutic oils.

In these oils, that have been extracted by a rather simple steam distillation process, are hundreds of constituents that work within our bodies to bring balance and wellness.

The constituents found in essential oils

Chemically speaking there are four main constituents (among hundreds) found in essential oils that cause them to have an effect on our bodies. These are Phenols, Phenalpropanoids, Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenes. WOW! lol, you should here me pronounce these in class 😉 Lets break them down a little.

Phenols and Phenalpropanoids wipe the receptor sites clean in your cells. Essential oil molecules are so small they can work on a cellular level.

Sesquiterpenes: have the ability to eradicate bad information – purge it from our cells.

And Monoterpenes – reset your cells back to factory settings.

Essential oils reach in, wipe out and reset our cells! Amazing is it not?! Last but no least…


Mama’s… are you listening? Brand spanking new mama’s… do you hear me?

So often we let our emotions run us. We are around them all day after all. Getting wrapped up in them is so easily done. Especially when there is no one around, if your a stay at home mom, to talk or share with other than your children – as talkative as they might be 😉 When my emotions come flooding to the surface, I feel out of control and unable to stop the spiral downward. Thinking clearly is cast aside, clouded by what I feel over what is actual reality. Worry sets in and my heart begins to race and I feel my body has taken over and I have little to no control. It’s absolutely scary.

Emotions are something that have plagued me through lots of situations in my life, specially after having both our children. I wish I had oils at my disposal back when I gave birth, and for all the days, weeks and months that followed.

How do they have such a profound effect on our emotions

This is by far my favorite topic to teach on!

The emotional well-being is something hard to reach and tame is it not? However oils have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and bring emotional ease to our minds. When our minds have that emotional ease it carries through and into the rest of our body. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s an absolute blessing from above that God would create plants that work within us to bring balance, His beautiful nature at work, untainted by human hands.

When a fragrance is inhaled it goes up your nose direct to your oil factory membrane. That is directly connected to the limbic system of our brains and that controls, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance.

Put a drop or two into the palm of your hand, rub them together and cupping your hands over your nose – inhale. Breathe deep that therapeutic aroma with all its emotional wellness and support.

My personal experience

Clary Sage, Frankincense, Stress Away… These oils evoke such calming in me.

Clary Sage: in particular takes me back to my childhood when I was a little girl romping around at my grandma and grandpas house (my favorite childhood place) free of every care in the world. Joy filled, no worries. One simple smell takes me back to that special place. It is amazing yet not unheard of when it comes to these oils.

Stress Away: when I feel the stress of life getting to me and I mean THE STRESSES OF LIFE, I reach for Stress Away, put a few drops into my hands, rub them together clockwise and then cup them over my nose. I breathe deep the soothing aroma and begin to feel the tension inside me relax. I breathe again and I feel calmer, I breathe again and say a prayer. Calm. Balanced. Ready.

Frankincense: this woodsy type smell evokes power in me. Strength to face certain unseen situations, the power to plow through and onward. It supports clarity in my mind as I breathe deep its aroma while cupping it over my nose. I feel safe.

After inhaling it’s like it awakens the nostrils, I begin to smell a fresh newness around me. I feel alive and ready. Deep, I feel these oils reach deep and there is power that follows.

It’s a one of a kind feeling

Can you see now why I believe every home needs these oils? These soothing, calming, emotion supporting oils?

I am supporting my family them, won’t you?

It’s an amazing journey and if you’d like to start I recommend, as I do to everyone, our Premium Starter Kit. This is  how I got started, how I got my mother and sister started as well as many of my friends. It’s contagious, our love for these oils.

If you click HERE you will learn what comes in this kit and you will find what I have put together as a care package to help you begin your essential oil journey. They are fun, they are easy and they work so beautifully to support our bodies. You are one step away from getting the wellness you and your family deserve! Get started today.


Lesly Birkland

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