Whats the difference between your essential oils and the ones I can get at the store?

Whats the difference between your essential oils and the ones I can get at the store?

Girl! I am so glad you asked! There is a HUGE difference. It’s a very important to you and your health that you know just what that difference is. I’m gonna blow your mind!

I’m a bit of an oils snob. I will admit. There are oils I refuse to use and we are going to dig into the ‘why’ right now!

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if essential oils, he thought, should’t come from a store. What if essential oils…perhaps…should come from Young Living and Young Living only!”

I can’t help myself sometimes 😉 AND this is like my all time favorite movie so…

First you need to know the FDA says oils can be labeled ‘Pure’ or ‘Organic’ by only containing 5% essential oil. So… that leaves us to ask the question “what’s in the other 95%?” Scary thought isn’t it?

It could just be a carrier oil or it could be synthetics or chemicals… Either way you are not getting the full effect of the oil. It’s like walking to the fridge, pouring 5% orange juice in to a cup and diluting the rest with water… You will NOT get the full effect of the oil.

In my classes we pass around an oil you purchase at a store and then we pass around an oil from Young Living. After smelling how much stronger and more potent Young Livings are… there is no argument.

Why are Young Livings oils more money?

The bottles are filled with 100% therapeutic grade essential oil, there is no filler. You will not find chemicals used even in the fields these plants are grown in! Young Living sets the standards for oils and having been in business for over 20 years. They not only have the experience, the have the expertise when it comes to harvesting and distilling these oils they make the richest, purest oils on the market.

How Oils are Made:

It takes a lot of work to produce a tiny amount of essential oil!

For Rose Oil it takes 60 thousand rose blossoms to produce 1 ounce of oil.

Lavender is abundant – 220 pounds will provide 7 ounces of oil.

Jasmine flowers however… These must be picked by hand before the sun becomes hot on the very first day they open making it the most expensive oil in the world! It takes 8 million hand-picked blossoms to produce 2.2 pounds of oil. WOW!

As you can see a lot of work goes into these oils!

Want to know a little more? You can head over to www.seedtoseal.com. They go more in depth with our standards for production and distillation.

The average cost of our oils

Most oil bottles cost between 10-30 dollars. A 5 ml bottle has 90 drops while a 15 ml bottle has 250 drops. Each application is between 1-3 drops so a 5 ml bottle will get you about 45-90 applications.

Doesn’t seem quite so expensive when you learn how much goes into producing these therapeutic grade oils, does it? I had no idea the amount of work that went into them when I first learned of Young Living either. I was fascinated by it and thought it important enough to share.

So… are you ready to have your life rocked! Are you ready to throw those inferior oils out get started with Grade A therapeutic oils?! If you are, I would love to share with you how to get started 🙂 I personally got off and running with our Premium Starter Kit. You can follow that link to find exactly what comes in that kit. It is the best and greatest value holding our most beloved oils and there are over 100+ things you can do with them!

When you buy from me

You don’t get a kit and then go on your merry ol way… Not unless you want too 😉 I offer a Facebook group called ‘Drops of Joy’ so you can further educate yourself on the uses of these amazing oils! I’ll help you get plugged into resources and other pages that do more in-depth training and educating AND I’ll always be available to answer questions.

Still not sure? You can contact me HERE or on my Facebook page! I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Lesly Birkland

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